BLOGS: OTA Looks Back at 2018

The 18th year in the millennium was a year of many firsts for Out of the Ash Productions. From a strange and exciting foray into the logistics and warehousing world to taking part in a plethora of new events, the calendar year kept us on our toes. To say the least.

On January 1, OTA began work under a contract with Red Bull to warehouse and manage all infrastructure logistics for activations across the Rocky Mountains, including Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Exactly six months later, on June 1, OTA signed an additional contract with Red Bull to manage identical operations throughout Utah. Within a year, OTA has established two warehouse complexes (Evergreen, Co and West Valley City, Ut) and an office headquarters in Evergreen, Co.

“Adding these warehouses and these logistic programs was a big pill for us to swallow in a very short time. Tarik and I spent a lot of hours over many different days staring at The Great Salt Lake and pondering this progression into Utah. The transition went better than I could have imagined,” says OTA President David Unterreiner. “The real story though are the guys on the ground who are making these connections and establishing a network for the company. I’m proud of the logistics side of operations but I think I’m more impressed with the progress made on the event side this past year. We added a lot of events to our schedule in 2018 that have never previously been there. Our scope and reach is expanding and that is a direct testament to the crew making it happen.”

With twelve never-before-seen projects shaping up in 2018, a new project was added for each month of the year. Seven of those new events were in the form of music festivals, an entirely new landscape for OTA. Having been involved very minimally in the music festival scene previously, the music vibes were a fresh feel for the staff.

“It’s easy to enjoy every event we do but it was really nice to be able to enjoy good music this year as well,” said Tarik Berrada, OTA foreman. “It was just something a little different to help break the rhythm of the logistics world. We did get to see some iconic music and musicians in some unique venues. We have very good stories to tell after this year….stories we probably shouldn’t tell.”

As far as events go, 2018 was plush with new projects. A foray into the motorsports world brought OTA crews to the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Thunder Valley in Lakewood, Co, Travis Pastrana’s Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City, Ut, and an exhibition Formula 1 event in Miami, Fl.


“Obviously anything that Travis Pastrana touches is instant entertainment and we will always love being anywhere that Travis is,” says Unterreiner. “The Formula One world though is on a different level. The scope and scale of an actual full Formula One race is so incredible and dynamic and massive. It was very fun to gain an understanding of that sport a bit and to actually be on the ground and see what it takes to make even one street block safe. To have an entire race through downtown Miami is hard to wrap a head around….I really hope they can pull it off. That Biscayne Bay area in Miami is absolutely perfect for it.”

Despite the pull towards different scenes, it was back on the home terrain that OTA got its biggest kick of the year.

“It’s the last week in January and we’re rolling up to Jackson, Wyoming for this thing called Kings and Queens of Corbet’s. Brand new event and I’m thinking we’re just rolling in and helping with the party,” explains Unterreiner. “Didn’t even bring my ski’s. We roll in late at night and the next morning we are on the gondola before it’s even open to the public and I’m trying to fit into rental boots and skis on the way up. I didn’t get my boots strapped until I was standing on top of Corbet’s and beginning to grasp the reality of the event.”

The reality: skiers were going to have a trick contest off the top of the iconic and massive couloir that is Corbet’s. An inaugural event that saw relatively unknown rippers become overnight internet sensations.

“The idea behind the event would be strange enough for most people,” says Aaron Green, OTA foreman. “The levels that the athletes took their tricks to bordered on insanity for anybody. Free-falling front flips off Corbet’s? Who does that?”

“We are just in the middle of this constantly progressive industry of who can do what next,” Unterreiner adds. You got some teenage kid standing on top of a massive couloir about to drop in….who know’s what they’re going to do. There is a live-feed drone in their face and they’re going to try to do something nobody has ever seen before. Every time you wake up there’s a new boundary. Just yesterday, I saw a video of two guys flying INTO an airplane. It’s fascinating.”

Here’s hoping the fascination continues!